They’re beautiful, they tell a wonderful story and they are now the latest in bragging rights when it comes to your culinary knowledge; cookbooks are your not-so-secret weapon in food and now, your kitchen look and feel.

Over the years we have left them however to lie strewn on the side, out of sight and out of mind some could say, but honestly, has there ever been a better time to display what have become works of art?

“Cookbooks today are an example of what great design looks like. They used to be plain, and then in the 1990s they had imagery that never looked appealing. Today, writers and chefs like Sabrina Ghayour or Yottam Ottolenghi produce visual pieces of outstanding beauty; they make readers want to get in the kitchen and cook and more interestingly be displayed.” Steph Bartlett, sub-editor of The Mouthful. “What we’ve seen for the last 5 or 6 years is the development of cover design. Cookbooks today are tiny works of art, that isn’t a bad thing.”

Of course, old cookbooks used to be stored away in a different room altogether. Traditionally a great cookbook may have been a little more on display, like on a countertop but now, with open plan living and the dining room being part of the kitchen along with the lounge, they provide bursts of colour and show culinary intrigue by those who own them.

Storing cookbooks then was always an issue, especially if there was never the room to keep them all together, but today with bespoke kitchen design and clever storage solutions there are different methods to get the most out of keeping your cookbooks on proud display.

Open shelving
The most traditional and easy to implement method is simply by installing shelves where there is the wall space and utilising those areas for not only cookbooks but as well for hanging cups or even an indoor herb garden. This is more common and traditional in scandi styled kitchens where you get a mixture of ultra clean lines mixed with bringing the outdoors into a room.

Open cookbooks

Incorporated island shelving design

Kitchen designers have been enjoying a bit of island design work in recent years, especially with the incorporation of kitchen island open shelving. These solutions bring together kitchen integration and function in one space. There are lots of Pinterest boards with these kinds of features and we have even recently incorporated this kind of feature in several designs for our customers. They look sleek and fashionable in many different kitchen designs.

In-door pantry

Thanks to modern technology and somebody switching on the design charm, pantry doors have become great storage solutions, especially for cookbooks. They incorporate function and style without compromising on your whole kitchen look. Internal door shelving is a great storage solution generally but it just seems like cookbooks may have a great new home in the modern kitchen design.

pantry cookbooks

For more design inspiration, why not check out our cookbook storage design inspiration pins on our Pinterest board.

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