Welcome to another Bank Holiday and as we write this, the weather forecast for Chester means only one thing, it’s aperol spritz time! Yes, the sun is out, the barbecue is in full swing and you’re looking for the drink to bring your summer alive, all in time for the second May bank holiday.

It’s been two years since we made our video for the perfect spritz… yes TWO years! Since then we’re pretty sure we’ve seen a few others imitate to varying degrees of success. Yes, we were one of the first to make a prediction for a new British summertime drink and we weren’t wrong. Since 2017, sales in the Aperol brand rose 13% according to Gruppo Campari’s data.

But why is the aperol spritz loved so much? As Rebecca Strassberg wrote for The Thrillist, “It was then I learned that it’s not just that an Aperol Spritz tastes good — though it is just the right combination of bitter and bubbly — it’s how an Aperol Spritz makes you feel: like you’re destined for a life of leisure. Or more specifically, like you want to empty your retirement fund and spend it on an Italian villa.”

This famous drink started life in Padova, Northern Italy in the early 20th Century. Since then it has gone to claim a part of Italian culture, especially in the northern regions as the perfect pre-dinner drink, an apperitivo in all sense of the word. “The Barbieri brothers introduced Aperol — the bitter, orange liqueur — to the world, making this now-iconic drink possible. But the elements of the Aperol Spritz (Aperol, Prosecco, soda) lived independently for decades before joining forces. ”

So how can you make the perfect Aperol spritz at home this Bank Holiday and for the rest of the summer? Here are some tips.

Choose the right glass
The Italians like to stick to wine glasses, tall and deep varieties which balance well on the stem. They shouldn’t be like the gin coppas you will find in bars and restaurants across the nation. However, if you don’t have tall glasses, don’t fear, there is also a school of thought that shorter, wide glasses make for a slightly stronger orange flavoured variety. Pick wisely, for it will affect some of the mixture.

Choose a good dry prosecco
The choice of prosecco matters. If you go for very sweet varities, the sugar content can greatly influence the orange liquor which is the trademark of the drink. Go for a slightly dryer variety which will bring out the flavourings and also, leave you with less of a sticky headache the next morning.

Don’t forget the soda water
This is a vital component of bringing this cocktail alive. A splash is all you need but it contains the sharpness of the liquor and smoothes out the flavours of the prosecco, especially if you do have a sweeter variety.

1. Start with one of the suggested glasses
2. Add a big scoop of cubed ice
3. Next, add 3 parts crisp Italian Prosecco
4. Top with 2 parts Aperol
5. Finally, add a splash of soda water and finish with a slice (or two) of fresh orange

Drink responsibly, have fun and enjoy an aperol the way it should be, under the sun!

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