The waterfall worktop has now been around for a good number of years, yet their rise in the mid 00s was predicted to be ephemeral at best.

The traditional worktop is something that every kitchen understands. A simple run over your cabinets and finishing at the edge both depth and lengthways. A waterfall worktop however runs that same material down the sides of your cabinets essentially wrapping your unit with a vertical drop to the floor.

The choice of material, especially stone or quartz looks stunning and with today’s joining technology and wood stains, even a wooden waterfall feature can really make a dramatic focal point in the kitchen.

What makes them so special
A waterfall edge with a continuous vein from the worksurface down the horizontal plane is a dramatic and bold statement for any kitchen. It particularly works where you would have a strong feature area, or even several and you have the kind of worktop material that lends itself to being seen as well as being totally functional.

If your kitchen is attached to other rooms, or if it’s open plan with living spaces as most modern extensions and builds in the 00s are, then this is kind of feature that not only makes your kitchen stand out, but it elevates room dynamics as well.

From colour features to design and shape you can start to see why this feature really provides such a stark difference to other, more traditional designs.

What materials work best for this feature?
The stand out materials are stone and resin based tops. So granite and marble all the way through to quartz and corian feature heavily in the more contemporary designs.

What has changed over the years is the use of wood and concrete and how these have been applied into a home environment, especially the kitchen and in modern work layouts is impressive as you can see below.

What about material thickness?
This all comes down to the original material you choose, the thickness of your worktop area will have an influence of your waterfall feature. For example, you could use a standard 20mm to 30mm granite surface, in turn your connecting piece will need to be the same so that it doesn’t look odd when staring at it face on.

From 1.5 inches thick to some surfaces which are thicker, the biggest factor is the joint between the horizontal plane and the vertical drop. Some tops, like DEKTON quartz are 18mm and provide a stunning overall finish as their thinness is a design feature all by itself.

As this design below shows, what’s important is that if you’re going to do a waterfall feature you focus on what is important, function over thickness is just as a bigger consideration as any.

How can a waterfall worktop feature in your kitchen?
It all depends on what kind of kitchen you have. If you have a more contemporary design, then you want to think about placing this kind of top where you can make a real feature from it. Contemporary kitchens rely on space, island units and clean finishing lines.

This kitchen clearly demonstrates that the end of a contemporary run of units is a perfect location to feature such a vertical drop.

A traditional style kitchen where shaker doors and lights are the main features would benefit where there is either an island unit and thus mixing and matching with other worktop combinations or, as the image below shows, it provides a sense of modernity to the centre of the kitchen.

Other things you need to consider
When it comes to the waterfall worktop as a feature you want to consider a few key points, in our mind they would be things such as;

Cost – they look great, they finish off style and design but, are they cost friendly? The answer is that you will be paying for considerably more material so, does your kitchen need this feature or something else?
Power outlets – if you box of your units with this kind of material but you wanted to install some power outlets, that would need to be considered before installation as any amends afterwards can run into the thousands!
Material choices – Certain materials will be cheaper to have this effect than others but will they provide the effect you want?

In Conclusion
Waterfall worktops provide a beautiful design and finish to your counter areas and finish off your kitchen in a beautiful way. From small to larger spaces you can utilise the concept for breakfast nooks, island units or generally showing off a corner of your property.

Different looks, colours and patterns will have a major impact on your kitchen look and feel, and some consideration into how you use your kitchen will also be worth taking note of before any final decisions are made.

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