When it comes to kitchen colours, the “white kitchen” has never gone out of fashion. There are lots of alternatives today though, from limestone to ivory you can find the “white kitchen” spectrum develop throughout a variety of ranges and one that will fit your home style.

“The things that change are, style and finish.” Stefano has seen more than his fair share of white kitchens over the years. “For example a few years ago, plain gloss white doors were all the rage, now, we see handleless and in-frame painted taking centre stage.”

When it comes to choosing a white kitchen and designing your room around the colour and style of door you choose, what are the key things you have to consider? Here is our guide to “how to design a white kitchen.”

Pick the right white
As previously discussed, there are lots of variations of the “white kitchen” thanks to paint technology and the skills now put into finishing a room. When selecting the colour, think about other colour choices you tend to veer towards such as red or blue. They will usually form part of your overall decor and will have an influence over the kind of white you end up choosing for your kitchen door.

island kitchens

Hide appliances where you can
We are master partners to NEFF and we know how great their appliances look, but larger white goods items may not fit the overall look and finish in a room, especially if you have different contrasting whites. “It is worth considering where you spend for integrated appliances that can be housed in the kitchen if you don’t have a separate utility room for example; after all you don’t want to compromise colour and flow in your stunning new living space.”

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Cabinets are key
“When I started the business in 1991 the cabinet manufacturing was key. Today, it’s as important, it’s an important test of quality and good cabinet work is essential for the right kind of bespoke fit for any kitchen let alone a white kitchen.” Solid kitchen cabinets make all the difference, with a white kitchen, you can get away with white cabinets, but be sure to check the build quality in a showroom and display setting before committing.

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Think about your flooring

It is customary to think about contrasting colours (see next point) when it comes to your white kitchen. Flooring then is essential in creating the contrast or supplementary stylings to your kitchen design. You may want to think about the material that is underfoot as well and how this will contrast for example;

Wooden floors: Warm colour, if sanded away and left with a little lacquer can really bring out a beautiful wooden worktop or play into bringing earth tones into the room.

Tiled flooring: This is where people can choose lots of different colours. Dependant upon what colour and material finish you go for you can create ambience and effects through your flooring to last a long time.

It’s all about contrast
The beauty of a white kitchen is that you get to develop beautiful contrasts in your living space without much effort. You can do this from flooring (as above), the colour of the walls or even, a more popular solution with an island or dresser unit that makes the kitchen really stand out.

“Having your kitchen contrast with other colours is a way of making it tell a story. We do this with worktops and the different materials available as well as colours. We do it with flooring and we are doing it on contrasting kitchen cabinets, and it really works.”

Blakes london white
Courtesy of Blakes London

If you want to get a better idea of white kitchens design ideas, why not visit our pinterest board dedicated solely to white kitchens for some design inspiration.

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