Why Good Kitchen Design Is So Important

For many of us, buying a bespoke kitchen is a one a lifetime experience so it’s no wonder that getting the design right is so important. Unlike going to a major retailer, independents like ourselves go through a whole list of things for your benefit. Good kitchen design and experience is something that brings you not only peace of mind but value as well. 

That’s why in today’s feature we want to talk about the importance of good design. Also, when you visit Stefano De Blasio Kitchens at our Chester showroom, you get an understanding of how your kitchen is thoroughly understood and designed with you in mind. 

Finding a style that suits your lifestyle

Are you the kind of person that loves to entertain? What about someone who finds pleasure in being in their kitchen? What if you want to make your kitchen the statement room of your home? All of these will impact on your kitchen layout and overall design. 

Keeping function at the heart of every kitchen is where we need to begin. For example, the magic triangle is adhered to as it is the most important design principle in a room. What follows is based on the utilization of your kitchen space. 

For the examples mentioned above, you want to create a space around that triangle. It gives you the impetus to use the room the way you want. Think about an entertainment area; if your kitchen is big enough having an island unit would be great, but sticking a sink or hob in the middle might not be the most ideal. If you have small children or want to keep the eating area separate to the dining space there are alternatives.  

Computer Generated Design from Winner Compusoft

Finding inspiration is a good starting point

Developing a relationship with your kitchen designer is important. A way to do that is to come prepared with some preliminary ideas. The important elements about kitchen design can be discussed but understanding what it is you want to achieve with the overall design and feel of your kitchen has more nuance. 

A way to develop these ideas is about showing what it is you want to achieve with your kitchen design through images you may have seen on the internet through Pinterest and Instagram. Fundamentally you are showing the softer things that a designer can take with them and incorporate into your design. 

Stefano and his team understand this phase of planning and so will build this into your kitchen design. Through consultation and breaking down what will work and what could work with adjustments. All this will be done in real time as well so that you can see the impact on a computer generated image. 

Kitchen Design Inspiration

It is about making the most from your space

Imagine installing a new kitchen but not having enough space for dining? Conceive not working room into the design for more storage space when you have the capability to do so. Think about buying a new kitchen and forgetting about something as basic as draw packs… 

Good design is about making the most of your space available and how you can incorporate solutions across your whole kitchen. 

Do you want to have the space for a lounge area plus an island unit? Are you more for having a big cooking space with lots of worktop areas? How about a space that is bespoke designed for cooking equipment? 

All of these have value and that’s what good kitchen design can bring to your room. 

Good designers give advice

Good designers are there to also give advice and that’s important when you consider what you are trying to achieve with your kitchen and space. From knowing the latest in appliances – how they work, how loud they are – to material knowledge and how that would impact a room’s overall feel; good kitchen design is about having a good designer supply the knowledge. 

From appliances that work with water pressures and electrical outputs to new sorts of gadgets like combination microwaves, kitchen designers know how to advise on all of these areas. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions. The good ones will show their worth and work to your needs and not the other way round. 

These are just some of the reasons why good kitchen design is important. Why not send in your plans to Stefano and his team or contact us directly to arrange an appointment and see what great kitchen design can do to your home. 

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